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Flour of cedar nut kernel

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350 RUB.
150 г.
ground kernel of cedar nuts (dried)
Пищевая и энергетическая ценность в 100 г продукта
fats 26.0 g; proteins of 26.8 g; carbohydrates is 48.4 g. Calories – Kcal 534,8.
Срок годности
at a temperature not exceeding +20°C - 6 months at a temperature -18°C and below 12 months.

42  Cedar flour has get obtained from milled cereal, there are all the minerals and vitamins located in cedar nuts, and up to 30 % cedar oil. Cedar flour has a unique nutritional and medicinal properties, due to its qualitatively and quantitatively balanced chemical composition, which includes a complete plant protein containing all 20 amino acids, vitamins A, D, P, and E, and macro - and micronutrients.

  Cedar flour is 44% consists of vegetable protein, which is digested by 99%. Cedar flour has the property to absorb toxins and remove them from the body. Regular consumption of the product increases resistance to the effects of unfavorable environmental situation, prolongs man vitally active period, increases immunity, helps to eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome, normalization of cholesterol, improvement of blood composition, improves performance, reduces the effects of stress.

  Cedar flour must be present in the diet of pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is recommended to use cedar flour in pure form or prepared cedar lean milk: 100g flour, pour 100g of warm water (milk) and mix until smooth. While stirring gradually add 300 g of water. The resulting mixture bring to boil and strain. To drink chilled on a 200-250g a day as a standalone drink or as a base for cocktails and as an additive to coffee and tea. Of flour to prepare pancakes, biscuits and muffins, adding it to the flour (1:1) or using as a filling. You can also prepare sauces for meat and fish dishes.