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Flour from the shell of cedar nut

Flour from the shell of cedar nut
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shell of cedar nuts (ground)
Пищевая и энергетическая ценность в 100 г продукта
fat – 1.9 g; protein – 1.9 g; fiber – 69,0 g Calorie – 24,7 Kcal.
Срок годности
12 months.

26  The main part of the shell pine nut (91,73%) of carbohydrates, mainly fiber (69,06%). The presence of minerals (0,92%) and high content of carbohydrates characterizes the cedar nut shell as a source of carbohydrate-mineral complex and various organic substances. It should be noted that the composition of macro - and micronutrients of the shell and kernels of cedar nuts differs by the number of contained elements. In-shell not detected iodine, boron, cobalt, strontium - are indispensable elements of the kernel.

  At the same time the shell contains tin, titanium, vanadium and barium. Tannins or tanney contained in shell cedar nuts can change the colloidal state of proteins, have astringent, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect, promote the tightening of the skin, form on the mucous membranes and wound surfaces with a protective film, which is restored a new layer of young cells.

  Cleansing scrub of a cedar shell: crushed shell pour a small amount of boiling water and add a bit of crushed cereal (ready scrub should have the consistency of thick cream). Apply cedar scrub on the face or hands and leave for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water. It is best to apply this scrub on steamed skin during bath treatments 1 time a week.