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Cedar nuts in shell (gift package)

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480 RUB.
1000 г.
Cedar nuts in shell
Пищевая и энергетическая ценность в 100 г продукта
fat - 31.0 g; proteins – 8,0 g; carbohydrates 5,0 g Calories - 330 Calories
Срок годности
12 months

38In cedar nuts contains a huge amount of nutrients – macro - and microelements, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Cedar nuts - valuable carriers of fat-vitamins E, R. Vitamin group E, or Tocopherols, are very important and essential to ensure full inheritance. In Greek, "tocopherol" means "I bear posterity". In case of lack of vitamin E in body adipose balance is disturbed. Vitamin E is responsible for the formation of milk in nursing mothers, and in its lack the lactation stops. Predisposition of some people to atherosclerosis can also E-vitamin insufficiency.  

In cedar nuts contains a complex of vitamins B. He normalizes the nervous system, positively affects the growth and development of human body, improve blood composition.  Due to the significant tonic action of cedar nuts, eating them for food is possible to treat cardiovascular diseases, nervous system, atherosclerosis, anemia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, prevent the development of tuberculosis, to strengthen the immune system and improve blood composition.

     Cedar nuts have essential influence on the mental and physical development of children. Since the change of milk teeth it is desirable that they always been in the food children's and teenager's. For men useful nuts cedar pine – known for their ability to increase the potency. Contraindications to the use of pine nuts there. Cedar nuts are a natural food product that can be safely taken for food, and for prevention and treatment.