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Cedar oil with a galipot 25%

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350 RUB.
50 мл.
cedar oil, galipot (cedar resin)
Пищевая и энергетическая ценность в 100 г продукта
fat – 99,8 g; Calorie – 898,2 Kcal.
Срок годности
12 months, keep in a cold dark place
Способ применения
Apply inside only 5% turpentine balsam. Accept to start with 1-2 drops a day, gradually bringing up the volume recommended for a particular disease. Turpentine balsam with 25% concentration of resin is used for external use only! Rub in until completely absorbed. Before use consult your doctor!

  The resin of the Siberian cedar in the country, the name of the galipot. Cedar galipot possesses amazing healing properties and the sphere of its application is huge ... Cedar galipot is one of the strongest natural antioxidants known to science. The galipot includes the recovery processes of the body at the cellular level.

  During the study it was revealed that the cedar resin possesses bio-energetic properties, due to which it is able to restore the health of body cells and bring them to the level of «normal life». Resin of cedar is well into the blood through breath, saliva, intestines and skin pores.

  When mixing the galipot (the resin of cedar wood) and cedar oil is obtained turpentine balsam different concentrations, which has more powerful medicinal effect than each component separately. Turpentine balsam has hepatoprotective, antiulcer, antiseptic, antisclerotic effect, and also normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, accelerates healing, reduces toxicity (poisoning) of the body when receiving chemicals. Has a tonic effect, reduces chronic fatigue and improves mental and physical performance.

  Turpentine balsam has the following curative and preventive features:
- helps to restore the structure and function of the liver cells of the pancreas;
- allows you to excrete salts of heavy metals;
- it is an effective natural antioxidant;
- normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract and metabolism;
- has a tonic effect;
- reduces chronic fatigue syndrome, improves mental and physical performance;
- restores the protective function of cells at the molecular level, leading to improvement of cerebral and peripheral blood circulation;
- actuates the mechanism of the birth of new cells;
- reduces and eliminate the violations of fat metabolism;
- protects the skin from the harmful effects of water and makes it more elastic, young and supple, protects from aging and withering.