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Cedar halva with raisins (weight)

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2 000 RUB.
1000 г.
kernel of cedar nuts, raisins
Пищевая и энергетическая ценность в 100 г продукта
fats - 63,0 g; proteins – 17.0 g; carbohydrates 10,5 g. Calorie – 677 Kcal.
Срок годности
1,5 months, keep in the refrigerator

Cedar halva is prepared by grinding pine nuts. In the halva remain all vitamins, minerals, useful and healing properties possessed by the cedar nuts. This amazingly delicious product has unique nourishing and healing properties. As it contains in its composition of complete plant protein, all 20 amino acids, vitamins a, D, P, E and trace elements. Vegetable protein is digested by 99 %. Cedar halva must be present in the diet of pregnant women, nursing mothers and toddlers. Useful for people who suffer severe disease, leading an active lifestyle, athletes. It is recommended that children with weakened immune systems. Cedar halva is recommended to use in a dessert and also as a delicious natural vitamin supplements to a variety of ready dishes, sauces, salads and drinks.